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Garage Door of Indianapolis IN is available to assist the businesses of Marion County. When there are issues that involve a broken torsion spring, every moment counts. Productivity can be slowed to a crawl when certain areas cannot be reached.

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That is not acceptable for any commercial company that wants to grow. Valuable clients could become dissatisfied and leave for the simplest of mistakes. Get those springs replaced quickly by our qualified technicians.

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A commercial garage door opener may just be a small remote with a couple buttons. But for those that use it every day to get work done, it bigger than that. If yours begins to malfunction or cause problems due to a weak signal, get a hold of us soon. It’s only a matter of cycles before that once handy device becomes frustration and a headache. With a few tools, we’ll reprogram it to extend just as far, if not further than previously.

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Commercial roller doors are great and recommended by Garage Door of Indianapolis IN. Because of their ability to squeeze in to a tight and compact space, a ceiling is left open for other uses. In tight warehouses with minimal free room, that extra area near the roof can be utilized to its max extent. They also move fast and don’t have to be serviced as often due to many self-sustaining qualities. Think about the option to have one of them installed on your building and let us know.

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Your typical commercial overhead door repair should not be left to inexperienced people or amateurs. Why risk such an important feature that helps fuel a business? Call one of our representatives to have an appointment scheduled. It doesn’t mean regular working hours have to be affected, either. We’ll swing by during a time slot that is better for you in order not to disrupt the flow.

When the products in a building are at risk of contamination or could be messed up by bugs or temperature, contact us. A commercial garage door insulated panel installation might be just the cure. These block unwanted critters and help to maintain a constant temp inside. The thickness directly translates to effectiveness, so the bigger kinds are better. Keep air flow consistent once these are installed. 

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